Thursday, March 10, 2011

THAT mother

This morning I was THAT mother. You know, the mother that people see and shake their heads scandalised, albeit mildly, because of how THAT mother has treated her children.

Ben is in a program at school tomorrow. He will be a squirrel. My job last night was to finish his costume by turning a baseball cap into squirrel ears. I cut and sewed brown ears onto the cap after Ben went to bed. He saw it this morning and asked "what about the middle of the ear that is supposed to be pink?" I had forgotten the teacher's instructions. The middle of the ear should have been a lighter color, and yes, my sweet son wanted it pink. I quickly search my limited stash for pink material, with none to be found. SO, being the ingenious mother that I am, I cut up one of my old sweaters and hurriedly begin to hand stitch the ears once again. (Note to self: buy glue.)

Minutes into my attempt to be THAT mother (you know, the perfect one that we all compare ourselves to) I hear, "will you make my lunch?" Uh-oh!! No wonderful left-overs to throw into a thermos, no bread for a sandwich...heck, there wasn't even a jar of peanut butter. So, I con my boys into eating at the school cafeteria - and finish sewing.

As soon as I've completed the squirrel ears, another son innocently asks "what's for breakfast?". Man! I look in the fridge and see nothing appropriate for breakfast (obviously, I need to go shopping ) and tell my boys to jump into the van. We drive to a store and I send the boys in to grab breakfast. At this point I'm still in p.j.s and attempt to stay in hiding from the public. They quickly come out and tell me the line is too long - so they'll do without breakfast rather than be late for school. Sigh. Yes, I really am THAT mother! Nathan informs me that in first period he would be allowed to eat in class if he had something. (How times have changed!)
I drop the older boys off and tell Ben he can be late for school and get breakfast. We stop at McDonald's (gasp!) and buy food. I drop Ben off and then call Nathan and drop breakfast off to him. Aaron, unfortunately, did without but reassured me all was well and that he would be fine. (see, I told you, I AM THAT MOTHER!)

As I'm driving home, berating myself for my lack of planning and poor mothering abilities, my phone beeps. I get home and see my text from Nathan:

"Thank You"

Isn't it amazing how two simple words can change your focus? This morning, on this one really bad day of planning, I am THAT MOTHER. But really? I have a son who was very grateful and excited about squirrel ears. How many boys do you know that are content with that? LOL! I have a son who was very forgiving and willingly went without breakfast just because he wanted to be at school on time (and I plan on getting a REALLY good after school snack for that kid!) I have yet another son who not only thanked me as I dropped off his late breakfast but also signed "I love you" to me as I drove away. THEN, took the time to text me as well.
I may be THAT MOTHER, but I tell you one thing, I've got some GREAT kids! Life is good.


Lindsey said...

What a sweet post, Sandra. It's amazing what we're able (and happily willing) to do, without thanks...and how it lifts our mood when we do get a little thanks. I think you're a great {THAT} mother! :)

Becky Dietz said...

You're obviously a GREAT mother! I love those kids...

amy wright said...

You really do have some super, great kids. And I have had a few of those mornings where I convince Isaac to eat in the cafeteria while scrounging around for breakfast. :)