Thursday, September 1, 2016

Singing my Song

"The LORD is my strength and my song;
He has become my salvation"
Psalm 118:14

You, Lord, are my strength:  my power, might, boldness, my firm foundation.

And my song:Forgive my lack of musical knowledge, but I would like to break down at least some of the structure of a song!)

Title:  I carry Your name, I'm made in Your image!!  With Your name, Father, I can declare You to others.
Lyrics:  You are The Word.  You give me words to speak Your truth.
Overture:  You are my beginning (my Alpha!) You are my climb, You heighten my anticipation in life.
Melody:  You are the principle part of my life, You make my life to be filled with beauty.
Harmony:  You not only lead, but you work with me and make me sound good.
Tempo:  You alone decide the timing, Your are the beat, the rhythm of my life.
Chorus/refrain:  You give me structure and are willing to continue to patiently repeat so that I can learn.
Dynamics:  You, Lord, give me a higher level of dynamics and activity.  You lead me to times of being "fortissimo" - strong and loud and yet You also bring me to times of "pianissimo", being soft, quiet, and gentle.  
Verse:  You are the details of my life, my story, my image, my emotions, and my support  You give me insight (You ARE my insight!) and move my story forward.   
Bridge:  You are my connection and build me up.  You give me a new harmonic pattern, You give me contrast and transition, freshness, and new life!
Rest:  You lead me beside still waters and give me rest.
Pitch:  You keep me in tune.
Treble Clef:  You take me to to high mountain tops to meet with You, and give my life joy!
Bass Clef:  You plunge me to the depths of Your love and wisdom and give me strength.
Keys:  You are my most significant chord, my Triad and tonal center.  You are my major notes and also my minor notes to balance out my melody.  
Coda:  You are not only my beginning but you are my end (my Omega!) You expand me.

You have become my salvation:  You are my deliverance, my prosperity, my success, my victory!!

Help me, Father, to sing my Song well! 

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