Friday, November 14, 2008

Our Veteran's Day

One thing I've discovered about homeschooling is that it pushes me to do things that I should have been doing all teaching about patriotism and gratefulness...

The traveling Vietnam Memorial wall was in town for the week of Veteran's day, and the boys (Nathan, Aaron and Ben) helped clean the grounds with their Tae Kwan Do class.
They liked the wall so much that we made several trips to see it.

The last day I finally thought to borrow Scott's camera and get a few pictures.

On the day before Veteran's day we made flag and star shaped cookies. (Thanks for the idea, Amy!)

We even tinted them red and blue!

Here is the finished product.

Aaron drew cards that said "Thank you for our freedom" and we delivered cookies to a couple of our favorite veterans.
The one pictured above sat down with Aaron for about an hour and told stories of being in Okinawa Japan.

Unfortunately, by then Ben was sick and Nathan was in school, so they didn't get to help deliver cookies. But the vet pictured above was teary-eyed when we came. He showed up at our house yesterday morning to bring the boys flag pins to "help you remember all veterans" and to thank the boys. He said, "You touched my heart that I was remembered on Veteran's Day by fine young men." How sweet. We should have done this years ago!


amy wright said...

What a great thing to do. I got emotional reading how it touched these men. I think that we will go the extra mile next year...or I guess who says that it has to be on Veteran's Day?

Sue said...

That was really special, all of those fellas, young and old, will remember that experience as long as they live! You are doing such a good job at meeting the needs of your family, you are really making a difference! My sister would sometimes feel overwhelmed by her family and the homeschooling and the house and everything! She would say, "I just wish I could do something that would stay done! I want to see an accomplishment!" I had to remind her that her greatest accomplishment was going to be those souls that she was raising for the glory of the Lord!

Happy Thanksgiving if I don't talk to you again before then! We have sooo much to be thankful to the Lord for!


amy wright said...

I just read the comment from Sue and it really hit me! I think the same way...wish that something would just stay done. But it really is an accomplishment to raise kids to glorify God!!! Thanks for the reminder, Sue!

Becky Dietz said... guys have all got me blubbering---really! Sandra, what a sweet thing to do. I love the idea of honoring vets that way. What a great idea! I've sat with a few vets recently and listened to their stories. We're on the verge of losing all of those WWII vets and they really love telling their stories. Loved it===love you!

Marcy Faye Hallden said...

Sandra, I LOVED reading what you did with your boys, and I can't wait until Hudson is a little older to do that too. Although, Craig, my hubby, would probably like to do it NOW! HA! He LOVES veterans, and feels such a sense of pride and honor in those men knowing they gave us our freedom! Anyways, way to go!

Becky Dietz said...

I wonder who got thsoe cookies Benjamin has his nose on? ha!!

Lindsey said...

What an awesome idea, Sandra! You are doing a great job of meeting the needs of your family. Be proud that that will STAY done!