Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pine boxes

While reading Lindsey's blog on Kid Talk, I was reminded of a conversation in our car this week. Let me first explain that we live near a cemetery and have had several interesting conversations because of that. My kids really aren't as morbid as it sounds!
Aaron: "Someone is about to have a funeral - they're digging a grave."
Ben: "Mom, what is it called that they put them in?"
Me: "A cockpit?" (ha! he was playing with a lego plane @ the time and he had been talking about it first.)
Ben: "no, what do they put the bodies in?"
Me: "OH! Do you mean a coffin?"
Ben: "Yeah! What is a coffin?"
Me: (stating the obvious)"It's a box that they put the bodies in"
Ben: "WHY?!!?"
Aaron: (putting his two-cents worth in) "to keep the body protected from detoriating quickly and to keep the worms and bugs away from it"
Ben: "Why"?!!?

Good question Ben! WHY?!!?

Ben: "I feel sorry for the bodies in the ground - not for the people, I know if they believed in Jesus they're in heaven and in a better place, but still, I feel sorry for those bodies!"


amy wright said...

What did one dead man say to the other dead man? Is that you coughin'? (coffin) :)
Really, why do we put bodies in a box??

Lindsey said...

That's funny! Why do we put bodies in a box? Some of those boxes are pretty darn expensive!

Becky Dietz said...

And not only in a box, but most in a vault! To preserve....what, exactly?