Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Friendly Friday Flops

Just so you know, we haven't forgotten Friendly Fridays, we've just flopped!

Our plan a couple of weeks ago was to go to "Grandma's" house and clean her house for the holidays, but....she wouldn't let us come over! LOL!! I think it has something to do with the Alzheimer's. We had told her a week before that we'd be coming, and she was SO excited about it. But on that day, she was making stew and with the Alzheimer's she can only focus on one thing at a time, so she didn't want us to clean. That or she just didn't want us there. :-) We may try that one again later.

Last week I had the flu (or something like it) and didn't want to expose anyone to that, so we were putting a gift box together to send to our favorite soldier in Iraq. (Aaron's idea). The thing is, by the time we got it all put together, it was too late to mail it!! He'll be home in January so, we decided to wrap the box up and give it to him when he gets home. SIGH
Good intentions.....(sorry, Erick!!)

Today we'll be doing something to make up for LAST Friday, and then this Friday we are planning on going back to Living Water, if they'll let us come! We'll update you later on our project for today!

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Anonymous said...

Sandra, your FF's are always an inspiration to me, even if you don't get to go thru with it!

I hope you get the chance to check out, she really knows how to meet women where they are! Very humorous and encouraging. She helps us remember what the main thing should be!

I don't know if the 'Alzheimers' remarks were serious or not but I had a simular experience when I went to take my mother out to lunch for her birthday. When I got to her house she was polishing off a chickenfried steak! Ya got to laugh!