Wednesday, January 13, 2010


As a young girl in Good News Club, I would sit mesmerized by the story of Ti-Fam. It is a true story of a girl in Haiti. Her father was a witch doctor and taught Ti-Fam to fear the "lies" of the Christians and his use of voodoo. Despite her fear, she and her mother listened to the missionary when they traveled to Port-Au-Prince. To hear that an all-powerful God loved her caused Ti-Fam to question her father's vindictive religion. Ti-Fam eventually accepted Christ after events, including a hurricane , led her to stay at the mission school. God interceded for her in miraculous ways and eventually she was able to share God's love with her father.
Last year I had the privilege of teaching this story to kids in Good News Club and once again my heart went out to the people of Haiti.
Unfortunately, I don't have cable now, so have not been able to follow the story of the earthquake as closely as I would like to, but my heart is breaking for these people! It's funny that as I was sending an e-mail to my sister about the mission's efforts during this crisis, she too was busy blogging about her memories and thoughts on Haiti. She quoted Joel Rosenberg: "Scriptures tell us in Matthew 24 and Luke 21 that terrible earthquakes and other natural disasters will occur in the “last days”….things will get worse, but this is a catastrophe of biblical proportions….may followers of Jesus Christ respond with prayer and practical assistance."
Right now, my family is short on funds, but I am planning even now how to help. This may become a family and homeschooling endeavor to aid the actual mission that I learned about as a young girl. If I am able, I will be blogging about that effort and I ask you to follow along and perhaps help. Please pray for the people in Haiti. Pray for wisdom and strength for the missionaries that are there. Pray for God's peace to overtake the chaos. Pray that through this, God will be known.


Gary said...

The story of Ti-Fam was so powerful that I too always think about her and Granny Holderman every time I hear about Haiti in the news. Thanks for the link to the mission's website. I logged on and made a contribution.

Becky Dietz said...

You have one of the biggest hearts I know, Sandra! I will certainly follow along. Interesting how much we love Haiti because of one story. I'm anxious to see what eternity will reveal about that!!