Tuesday, January 19, 2010


We are deeply grateful for all who have committed to helping Benjamin in his efforts to raise money for Haiti. When he began, we thought it would be great for him to raise a few dollars. Now, he will be earning over $25 an hour for Ti-Fam's mission. Is that not amazing?!!? It is all because of you and your generosity and we thank you! There are even 5 children helping him, one is 3 years old. How awesome!!
Because of the response Benjamin has gotten, we've decided to allow him to have his own blog. Please follow his blog to see what he is reading, learning, or whatever else comes from his active 7 year old imagination. I will also be a guest blogger there to keep you informed. His blog is at http://benjamin-sonoftherighthand.blogspot.com/ . Feel free to share his blog with others who may be interested.
Tomorrow I will be listing first names of those who have made pledges on his blog. If I inadvertently miss you, please let me know. We would like to have a complete list of donations so that Ben will be encouraged. Also, if your blog is private, please e-mail and let me know who you are!
Ben is so excited - and we are too. THANK YOU!!!

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Marcy Faye Hallden said...

Sandra, whatever you're doing to raise Benjamin to be such a compassionate, aware little boy, we need to know, so we can raise Hudson like that. I am so excited to see the pledges that came in, but I am praying for more. I posted a link on my blog as well. I am praying for Benjamin to see God in a BIG way through this. Thanks so much for letting him do this. I don't think I would have even told Hudson about the earthquake in Haiti had I not been reading Benjamin's blog--and it made me realize, these kids are NOT too young to help. They get it!! Blessings!