Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ti-Fam: Witch Doctor's Daughter

Benjamin and I decided that reading "Ti-Fam: Witch Doctor's Daughter" by Ruth Harner would be a good idea tonight since he is studying Haiti.
I'm telling you, this story is intriguing! My kids have all heard the story before, yet as Ben and I began reading, his teen-aged brothers immediately sat down to listen. Nathan was in the back of the house yelling "read louder so I can hear!" and soon came in to hear the story. Aaron would scold me when we'd look at the pictures, "let me see too!" Obviously, I'd forgotten exactly how captivating the story is. I would love to know if Ti-Fam has been aware of how far reaching her story has been.
They really should consider marketing the story in book form rather than just as a flash-card story, or better yet, make another book telling of the challenges they have faced during this current crisis. Hearing how God has used this crisis to bring others to Him, now that would be fascinating!


Becky Dietz said...

Since Gary has been in touch w/ the Turnbull family, I told him to ask them if Ti-Fam was still living. I'd love to know the rest of her story!!

Zookpr said...

We plan on sharing this story in our childrens ministery this year and would love to know how the family is living now, if there are updates.