Saturday, April 17, 2010

April showers!

We had an unusual event for Pampa this weekend. Rain! Lots of rain. Over 3.6 inches as of noon yesterday - and it rained all afternoon after we heard that measurement. Above is a picture of my mother-in-law's back yard. (The puddles in our backyard weren't as impressive. LOL) The boys and I decided to head to the Pampa City Lake and see what it looked like.

Nathan and Benjamin began wading in the parking lot beside our van.

See the rectangular pieces of wood? That isn't the dock, it is the handrails for the dock!

Aaron decided to venture further out, determined to get to the dock.
Note that less than a week ago the water was 2 or 3 feet below
the bottom of it.

Success! He made it .

I'm singing in the rain
Just singing in the rain
What a glorious feelin'
I'm happy again..


Lindsey said...

I'm not sure if we got that much here! That's crazy!

amy wright said...

Wow! That's awesome. I bet y'all have a green summer!

Becky Dietz said...

I've loved it! I was praying for Lake Meredith to fill up as it rained! Looks like the boys had fun!!