Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Boy Who Changed the World by Andy Andrews

Mom's review:
My son and I had a fun time tonight reading a review copy of the children's book The Boy Who Changed the World by Andy Andrew. The artwork in the book is great and the story drew us both in.
Using the lives of Norman Borlaug, Henry Wallace, George Washington Carver, and Moses Carver, the book teaches the butterfly effect - how each of our actions affect not only us, but the world! I loved that the book taught history in such an engaging way. The story included tales of each of the men as young boys. Norman played with his sisters in the corn fields, Henry went on expeditions with George and teased about hippos in Iowa. George made a crutch for a friend and Moses had a rooster named Buzz. Each of these things made the book appealing to my son. I would imagine that girls would be just as engaged in the tale as he was. It states that the book is for children ages 4 - 8, but I think this is a book for all ages! Each page has wonderful images of butterflies and ends with an abundance of butterflies and a reminder to the reader that "every little thing you do matters" and "you can be the kid who changes the world". I thoroughly enjoyed the book and am sure we will be reading it many more times!
Son's review:
The Boy Who Changed the World is a book about helping and sharing. Norman helped the world by growing special seeds that fed two billion people. Henry Wallace helped by telling Norman to make the seeds. Henry became the vice president of the United States! George Washington Carver helped Henry by teaching him about plants. But George couldn't have helped without Moses, his adopted father, who saved him.
This book was a very good book. It was about helping and about sharing food. It taught me that what we do is important and can help others.

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