Friday, September 24, 2010

A look back to God's healing and provision

Just found this in my "drafts"....a blog written in August 12, 2009, that for some reason was never posted. I had been working at Living Water that day when Mark called saying that Ben was really sick and we needed to get him to the Amarillo hospital. So, now a look back to what we were doing a little over a year ago

Things I learned this week:
Anyone reading this probably already knows the story of Benjamin's hospital stay, so I won't bore you with the details again. But here are a few things I learned this week (in no particular order...) Reminder: Pampa Dr. did a CAT scan and blood test in Pampa - and sent results to Amarillo - they declared it appendicitis. Our pastor and Mark prayed over Ben in Pampa. The doctor in Amarillo (a christian ) wanted to double check results before going to surgery. No surgery was needed, and by the next day you would have never known Benjamin had been sick.

1. It isn't fun or easy sleeping in a hospital bed, even if you aren't sick.

2. BSA has an awesome pediatric floor and nurses.

3. I don't want to go back to work as badly a I thought I did.

4. I've lost a lot of brain cells since I last held a job.

5. I'm too old for this. I'm sitting here exhausted, Ben is begging to play outside.

6. Appendicitis and a virus have very similar symptoms at times.

7. Cat scans are more expensive in Pampa than Amarillo.

8. God is my provider and will take care of all the bills! :-)

9. Gib is a very understanding man with a panicked mom. (by the way, Becky I had an unusual call as I was leaving L.W. - Gib handled it, I think, even though the caller insisted on talking with you. It didn't seem to matter that you weren't there.)

10. Ben is a very, very brave kid! He drank 2 cups of "nasty stuff" for the cat scan, had an IV, thought he was going to have surgery, and much, much more, yet never complained or cried. Just asked lots of questions. (One lady later told me it is very similar to drinking two cups full of laundry soap. gag!)

11. Telling the DPS that you are going to the hospital because your little brother is sick can get you out of a speeding ticket. Scott and Sarah were concerned about Ben...

12. ER nurses aren't necessarily good with children. I don't think telling the possible risks of anesthesia and surgery in front of kids is a good idea.

13. A nurse telling a father "you're signing your life away" scares kids. ("what does that mean?!!?" he asked)

14. My sister is extremely good at her job, and very, very understanding about the fact that I am extremely lousy at it.

15. My daughter is very helpful. (She brought her brothers home and stayed with them while we were in Amarillo.)

16. Having Christians in the medical field (Drs. and nurses) is a blessing!!

17. You can encourage others no matter what your job. (The cleaning lady came in saying "you can just call me Cinderella" and told me she was praying for my baby.)

18. You know how kids can get so tired that they can't sleep? I do that too.

19. A hospital stay costing well over $2000 is a quick way to get over a really bad virus.

20. Prayer is an even better way.

A great big Thanks to all who expressed concern and prayed for us! Think I'll go to bed and stay there all day tomorrow. :-)


amy wright said...

That was already a year ago????

Lindsey said...

I was reading this and thinking, "What??? Ben was in the hospital again! How did I not know about this?" And then I felt like a really bad family member. And then I read Amy's comment. And then David pointed out your explanation at the top of the blog. See, I just jump right in and miss very important details some times...

Sandra said...

LOL Lindsey!

I know Amy - when I found the blog I couldn't believe it had been a year!