Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Princess!

Sarah took a "practice" Math test this last week at the suggestion of a professor. (I'm sure I'll get the details wrong, Sarah, so just comment and correct me!) Basically, she can "challenge" a test and if she passes it, will be certified to teach that subject in addition to her Early Childhood Education certification. When "Miss Pris" took the 3 hour (!) test, the professors said she had made the highest score that they had seen someone make on their first attempt. Now, they want her to finish her Trig. class and try the "real" test. The Dept. head told her about seminars available to teach math that he wants her to look into doing as well.
As proud as we are of Sarah's accomplishments, it made me think. We'd be just as proud of Sarah even if she were a high-school drop-out. It isn't just what she DOES that makes us proud of her, but who she IS: our princess!

Recently Sarah and I sat down to have a long drawn out discussion when she'd asked my opinion on some things going on in her life. It reminded me of how I need to be more encouraging and less critical. So, I want to simply list some things that I admire in my daughter's life!

The first thing I've actually already mentioned: she is obedient. She comes to her father and I for advice - she has willingly placed herself under our authority and actually listens to our advice. WOW! I wish I had been able to be that open to my parents and share things about my life with them! Actually, at times I wish I were that open to my Heavenly Father! Willing to ask, listen and obey!

Secondly, she speaks truth! She seems to have a sense of urgency when dealing with others and wants to reach them with God's truth! There is one story I always think of when I'm remembering things from Sarah's past (in grade school). My mom and a friend visited a family in our neighborhood to share the gospel with them. When they asked the family if they wanted to "ask Jesus into their heart", the daughter (Sarah's age) said, "Oh! I've already done that. Sarah told me at school." Sarah had never mentioned it to us, she'd just seen something in her friend's life that needed changing and went about telling her what she needed. Sarah definitely sees things in "black and white".

Next, Sarah has always been a conservative young lady. We've never had to worry about her dressing or acting immodestly. Also, Sarah is honest. She is very goal oriented and works hard to achieve her goals. She is willingly. She helps us - usually by babysitting her brothers so Mark & I can have a break. She takes her brothers to the movies, museum, out to eat, etc. all without being asked to! She remembers birthdays and special occasions even though she's now off at college and could just as easily forget. She willingly listens to Benjamin talk on the phone incessantly about what has happened since she was last home.

She has handled herself well while waiting patiently for her boyfriend to come home from Iraq. I can't even begin to imagine what that is like for her, but I do know it hasn't been easy.
I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, I'm proud of my daughter!
No, she's not perfect, but I love her just as she is.
I love you, Sarah!!

Now, having said that, put this in perspective of us and our Heavenly Father. Do I have to accomplish "big" things to please God? Do I have to be perfect to have His love and acceptance? No, of course not! He is my Father! He will love me know matter what I do, how I act, or even who I am!

I know this is basic stuff here, but sometimes I think we need to be reminded! Satan has told me that I am worthless, stupid, not able to do anything. I have felt that if I did enough, was good enough, THEN God would be proud of me, accept me and want to spend time with me. But you know what? I want to spend time with Sarah and my other kids EVEN WHEN THEY DON'T WANT TO ! - even when they've been embarrassed that I'm their mother. ha! God is the same way. Even when I'm embarrassed to come to Him, (Lord, I messed up again....) He DESIRES to spend time with me! I am His princess and He loves me unconditionally. He wants to spend time with me no matter what I have done or haven't done. He cares about the details of my life. James 4:8 says "Come near to God and He will come near to you." He's just waiting for me to draw near to Him, to turn my back on all the "stuff" and just spend time with Him, being refreshed, taught, encouraged, challenged, disciplined, LOVED! My heart hears His invitation. "COME" "DRAW NIGH". Imagine that.


Becky Dietz said...

Some things I love about your princess:
1) She gives GREAT foot massages!!
2) She laughs alot
3) She loves God and is eager to go to the ends of the earth to share about Him
4) She's very responsible
5) She's grateful
6) She likes the same things I like!
7) She loves her brothers
8) She honors her parents
9) She's a truth seeker
10) She's a leader
Love you, Sarah Sue!!

Lindsey said...

The way Sarah is is such a reflection of your's and Mark's excellent parenting. This should be an encouragement to you as well! I hope that I can follow in your footsteps and notice these characteristics in Addilyn some day. Sarah is pretty amazing!