Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wake-up call

(photo of Scott in China)

I woke up this morning hearing Mark on the phone:

"Are you okay?"

Between "Are" and "okay" I made it from my bed to the living room. We had let Scott go with a friend to Lake McClellan last night to camp out, so I KNEW who was on the other end of that conversation! Then:

"Where are you?" and
"I'll call emergency services and I'll be right there".

My heart dropped to my knees. The boys were on their way home for church this morning and hit a deer. Thankfully, all 3 are fine, just sore from air bags.
They were in a Mustang and Scott was in the front passenger seat where the deer went over them. He said that if the deer had jumped, it would have gone through the windshield. Scott said, "I should be dead."

So, today, I'm praising Yahweh-Raah ~ The LORD My Shepherd~ for protecting Scott!! I am thankful to God for allowing the deer to hit the hood and the roll bar frame rather than the windshield and my son. THANK YOU, FATHER!!! Thank you for his life and those of his friends, thank you that the injuries were minor (scratches heal.). Thank you that they didn't end up rolled over in the nearby culvert. Thank You, God, for all my children and their health. Thank you for the "wake-up call"!
So many things to be thankful for today!


amy wright said...

Oh my goodness! I am so thankful that they are okay. What a scary moment for the kids and the parents. Thank you, God that you protected them!

Lindsey said...

Man! That's pretty scary! Thank You Jesus they're ok!

Becky Dietz said...

I saw Scott's comment on Myspace about air bags---I wondered what had happened! I HATE those kinds of phone calls!! Praise You, Father, for Scott's protection and life!!!!!

Becky Dietz said...

Hurry and make a new batch of laundry soap that smells good....and save it for YOUR stuff. Use the stinky stuff on the kids' clothes. Boys never notice. HA!!